//Cyber security company offers free website diagnostic

Cyber security company offers free website diagnostic

Cyber security expert Phortress has offered to run a free diagnostic of company websites amid growing concern about the threat posed by hackers.

The company, which operates from North East England, believes that many business people do not realise that their website servers are just as vulnerable as email systems.

Hackers target insecure websites in two ways, one of which is to hijack the server to send out spam emails devised either to spread digital viruses or obtain recipients’ personal details.

The other main way is designed to target e-commerce sites by creating selling pages within legitimate websites so that the user thinks they are in touch with a legitimate seller when they are actually connected directly to the hackers.

Phortress is offering companies a free no-obligation diagnostic of websites to discover if they have been compromised.

The diagnostic is applicable for any kind of businesses but Phortress says it will be particularly useful for IT professionals, accountants and solicitors, all of which handle sensitive information on a daily basis.

Last year, Phortress issued a warning to small businesses who were putting themselves at risk of being hacked by not updating website security systems often enough.

The company said that there was a particular problem with the popular website service WordPress

Phortress had witnessed an increase in the number of small business WordPress sites being hacked due to insecure/out-of-date plugins and out-of- date installations of WordPress.

The main reason they were targeted was that, because they were not keeping WordPress or its plugins up-to-date, they exposed customer data and allowed their servers to be used to send out spam and act as a site for use in phishing scams.

You can find contact Phortress through its website at phortress.net

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